Our mission is to raise awareness and get people excited about space technologies by enabling small teams to build by themselves and participate in space-related experiments.


Cubesats are in high demand for education and research for running experiments in space. Unfortunately, it currently takes at least a year to build a typical CubeSat satellite and the launch cost alone is approximately $30,000. This is a significant burden for small teams that want to conduct experiments in space.


Quick2Space plans to make it easier and cheaper to develop CubeSats in several ways: first, by creating and building a set of open standards and open source/open hardware components, making it easier to build a CubeSat by reusing components instead of starting from scratch. Also, we will coordinate and organize launches, combining payloads from multiple teams in a single launch. This will lower the cost to build and launch CubeSats and at the same time reduce the time to get in orbit.


In addition, we are seeking to involve students in various programs:

  • Enabling student teams to design, launch and operate mini satellites in orbit and pre-test components with high altitude balloons.
  • Workshops, hackathons and other educational events available to students and the general public.
  • Helping students to participate in competitions in related areas such as robotics or science-related contests.


If your team is interested in working with us on any of these projects, please contact us.


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